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Let’s spread the positive words and make one powerful sound

#flowers4oxygen is a collaboration between people from various branches, created during the coronacrisis. Together we are committed to unifying creative initiatives and messages worldwide using the hashtag #flowers4oxygen. Together we stand strong and with united forces we are powerful!

#flowers4oxygen: share your positive energy with the world
The coronavirus (causing COVID-19) can affect the amount of oxygen in our lungs and airways. It makes breathing very hard. For all those who try to fight this virus, it is a hard time as well. Not only for the population who is forced to social distancing, but also for the caretakers who are constantly at risk while saving people. We all need positivity, love and happiness to keep believing.

Positive signals to conquer corona
Let’s spread positivity with #flowers4oxygen! Our world needs positive signals for all willing to conquer the virus in any kind of way: staying at home, helping others or taking care. Flowers stand for happiness and energy. And that is exactly what we need.

Why #flowers4oxygen?
The words ‘flowers’ and ‘oxygen’ are the basis of our common message. Flowers stand for happiness and positivism. Oxygen is something we all need, especially now that we have been hit hard by the coronavirus. Let us, together with all sectors and all countries, be strong by continuously sending positive signals to the world.

Together we stand strong
#flowers4oxygen is meant to send a positive message to all caretakers and to those who are infected by the virus. Together we stand strong and with united forces we are powerful. Let’s all share our positive messages and energy and show the world we care: Together we stand strong and with united forces we are powerful!

Collaboration with Longfonds and Fleurop
To reinforce our message, Dutch organization Longfonds (‘Lung fund’) and global flower delivery company Fleurop Interflora Netherlands have joined #flowers4oxygen. For everyone who wants to support Longfonds, Fleurop and #flowers4oxygen have composed a colorful bouquet: the Longfonds Bouquet. For every bouquet sold, Fleurop donates € 2.50 to Longfonds. This donation is not at the expense of the value of the bouquet. This special bouquet can be ordered online at the Fleurop website.

Safety first!
Pay attention: whatever you do, your own safety and that of others comes first! Be sure to comply with the regulations of your own country or region and think about each other. Our health is the highest priority.

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